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Stories From My Own Family History

Once you get into the research of your family history, you will most surely come across a few stories, most will make you smile, some will make you proud, and there will be ones filled with sadness.

I'm going to share a few of the stories from my own family tree to give you an example of the sort of things you might come across. Where it is relevant I will add a link to peoples pages on my actual tree.

Some time ago now (April 2022) I received a private message on ancestry.co.uk from a tv casting company. They were looking for DNA relatives of celebrities for the ITV program "DNA Journey". And one was a DNA match to me.

We didn't appear in the program, and were never told who our famous cousin was, but this fired up family interest so I set about seeing if I could figure out myself who was our famous cousin. more.....
Have you ever wondered if you had any Royal connections, or famous historical people that you could call family? Ok these are not likely to be "blood" relatives but you might be surprised to see that some are a lot closer than you might think. more.....
Samuel Crumpler, a farmer in Lytchett Matravers, Dorset, was my 4th great grandfather. He suffered the most terrible of deaths when he was killed by his own bull. The story of his death was covered by newspapers around the world and a local poet, Beau Parke, wrote a poem describing the terrible tragedy. more ......
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