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Are You Connected To Royalty? Famous Actors? Rock Stars?
3 Oct 2022
Amongst the plethora of genealogy websites out there at the moment is a really cool (and completely free) one called Wikitree, this website is taking on the massive task of trying to link pretty much everyone on the planet to one massive family tree.
It's not the easiest of websites to work with at first, but with a little perseverance you can get yourself linked into the tree and this alone can help you find loads of ancestors if you are lucky.
The tree is quite strictly managed and if by chance someone has already added you to this tree it can take a while to even get access to your own profile. It's like this for a reason though and it goes a long way to keeping the details correct.
Once you are in the system and linked to others there are some great tools to expand your tree and for a bit of fun it's really easy to find out how closely you are related to a vast array of historical figures.

I've put a few of my own connections below so you can see what I mean!

Try it sometime and have a little fun while getting some serious help at the same time.
I hope you have enjoyed looking at these links and try a few of your own, you will be surprised at just how many famous people you can connect to, sure they are not often true blood relatives, but it's no crime to have little fun with your family tree! Head over to Wikitree and see what you can find.
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