Hi, I'm Andy Foot and with this website I am trying to build an online family tree that is easy to navigate and understand.

Rather than just importing a gedcom file from one of my (many) online trees I'm making this one a little different by inputting each individuals details seperately. Hopefully this will result in a more detailed tree as I will regularly go back and look at individuals one at a time to try and build a better story of their lives.

On my fathers "Foot" side I have many old photographs, most of the people in them are unidentified but I do know some of them and hopefully I can work out some of the others. They will all appear here at some point in the future.


It's still very early days at the moment but so far we have 284 people from 85 families with 76 different surnames.

The latest update was on October 1, 2022

DNA Journey TV Program
Friday, September 30, 2022 5:13 PM

A while back I was contacted by the team that make the ITV DNA Journey TV program. They told me that I was a DNA match with one of the celebrities in the upcoming 2022 series and would I be interested in taking part. After several meetings involving quite a few members of the family they decided they wanted us all on the show to do a mass family gathering in a pub in East Coker, Somerset. (The Helyar Arms). We were all quite excited by this but in the end we never made it into the show and were never told the identity of the celebrity involved.

Obviously as a family historian this had sparked quite an interest, I love the way that DNA connections are helping to navigate the correct path where documents alone are not always conclusive enough.

The only clues we had managed to get from the TV people were the surname Crumpler & the fact that they obviously liked East Coker in Somerset.

The first step was to get a list of all of the upcoming celebrities who had not yet had their show televised.

The list was as follows: 
Rob Beckett and Romesh Ranganathan
Alison Steadman and Larry Lamb
Joel Dommett and Tom Allen
Alison Hammond and Kate Garraway.

So one by one I started taking a look at building the family trees of these people to see if anything looked familiar. It wasn't until I started building the tree for Joel Dommett before I found Ethel Mary Crumpler, Joels great grandmother who lived in East Coker, Somerset. I already have a lot of Crumplers in my own family tree and it didn't take too much work to link the East Coker Crumplers to my own tree.

So it turns out that Joel Dommett is my 4th Cousin, confirmed by DNA, how about that!

How We Are Spread Around The World

This shows the country of birth of the individuals in the family tree, darker areas contain the most people, so I would expect England and the United Kingdom to always be the darkest of all.

Individual distribution chart

Birth: 1794Church Knowle, Dorset, England
Death: August 12, 1849Lytchett Matravers, Dorset, England
Samuel Crumpler died in 1849 in Underdaykers field, Lytchett Matravers, Dorset. He was killed by his own bull which gored him to death. Underdaykers: A local word meaning "Hundred Acres", the approximate size of this particular field.