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Andy Foot
Family Historian
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Why would you want to use a Family Historian?

I often talk to people who really struggle to get their own family tree up and running. The first few generations are often the most difficult to work out simply because the documents you would use for facts less than a hundred years old are mostly unavailabe, quite correctly, to preserve the privacy of living people. So unless you have an older relative who can accurately paint the picture you will struggle for certain!

Subscriptions to online services such as ancestry, myheritage, findmypast etc. can be expensive so quite often you will find that enlisting someone like myself will save you time and money, especially at the beginning of your journey.

Once you have an established tree it is much easier to find relevant documents and link up with other family trees which can save a lot of work on your part although it is easy to pick up errors this way as not everyone checks the facts carefully enough to be sure of accuracy, correcting mistakes can be most frustrating!

If you are thinking of starting, or need a little help, drop me a line, tell me what you know and how much you'd like to find out. I'll take a quick look and get back to you with a price for the work you require, a simple 3 generation tree (like the one shown below) for one individual can cost as little as £30 if the research isn't too complicated. This will take you back to your 8 great grand parents. And I'll include digital copies of any documents found along the way (census reports, Birth Marriage & Death Indexes, military documents etc.) If Birth, Marriage, or Death certificates are needed, or requested, these have to be purchased seperately from the website and would incur an extra cost, but these are not normally required. (Birth certificates are commonly purchased if you don't know or are unsure about an individuals parents names)

If you'd like to get started I have a form to help you establish the information needed - click here for the form
Or if you prefer you can email me with your information.
Three Generation Family Tree
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