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Aston Grays - Knole Road

Aston Grays, (Knole Road, Boscombe) has had several different uses during it's history. I had not myself heard of or come across any reference to this place until receiving several emails from people who, in trying to discover their own past, have looked for details of Aston Grays, particularly in it's time as a maternity home.

My initial search for information told me that as well as being a maternity hospital, Aston Grays was used as a hospital for wounded Belgian soldiers, and also in it's last years it was a nursing home for the elderly.

To help a few of the visitors to my website find a little more about their own personal history I would love to hear from anyone who has anything on this subject. And of course if anyone has any photographs or any other images I can use I would be particularly pleased to hear from you!

Many thanks to those who have already contibuted to this page!

Aston Grays comprised of the buildings at 21-25 Knole Road and we are lucky enough to have found an advertisement from the 1927 Mates Trade and Business Directory plus this photograph of 21 Knole Road (taken in 2013) which originally formed a part of "Aston Grays" (No's 23 & 25 have been redeveloped).

These pictures have been reproduced with kind permission from local historian Alwyn Ladell and you can see larger versions of these images plus hundreds of other local history images on his flickr pages. Just click on either of the images to see these and visit his pages.
Aston Grays Nursing Home, advertisement from Mates Directory 1927

1927 Mate's Directory page 875

Aston Grays Nursing Home, 21/23/25 Knole Road, Boscombe, Bournemouth.

From Patricia 6th March 2018

I was born on the 2/3/53 at Aston Grays Nursing Home. There was a breakout of Gastroenteritis, 10 Babies died.
I was sent to another hospital for 6 weeks, the other baby that survived was called David Clement not sure if that’s the right spelling. I have just had my 65th birthday and every year I wonder what sort of life he had and would love to contact him is there any way you could help many thanks Patricia.

Can anyone help Patricia out with her question. If you know someone called David Clement (Or similar) who was born around March 1953 at Aston Grays in Boscombe, Bournemouth.
Please get in touch via the contact page or just click email to send an email directly. Thanks, Andy.

From Jean B. 6th May 2015

Have been going down memory lane - my son was born at Aston Grays Nursing Home in 1958. He was delivered by the matron of the home as the midwives were on their lunch break. Oh how things have changed, we were not allowed out of bed for 9 days, even to go to the toilet, bedpans only. Husbands were only allowed to visit during visiting hours, and they had to line up to view their babies through a glass window.

I have good memories of the dentists building at Pokesdown, I attended pre natal classes there with Sister Carey who I had known from a very early age. She was the school nurse during my school days during the war. She was a lovely caring person. After we had had our children we would attend the clinic to have them weighed. I still have a card in my memory box which she sent me on the birth of my son, congratulating me on the arrival of my "Baby Jumbo". There is also a letter she sent wishing my husband and I a happy trip and prosperous future when we emigrated to Tasmania in 1959.

From Averil K. 17th Mar 2015

Looking at my Birth certificate recently I decided to Google the street where I was born in April 1944 and found your website.
From memory, my Mother said that it was a Nursing or Maternity Home, and that I was born under a table, due to warning sirens re. the war I suppose.
I wonder if anyone has a photo of the building - a pity it was knocked down.
Googling again, I found three photos on flickr. See second row down.


From Trish S. 24th Feb 2014
My eldest son was born at Aston Grays Maternity Home in October 1969. Still have the booklet that was given to me before going in there to have my son.

See attached images for further information.

(click on the images for enlarged versions)


From Colin W. 15th Jan 2014

Hi Andy,

I just stumbled upon your page when I was searching for a photo of Aston Grays. Sadly couldn't find anything. Someone somewhere must have one. I was born there in 1957 and have met many other people who were also born there in the 50s and 60s. I don't know any more about the place than has already been mentioned. I never got to see it before it was demolished.
Does anyone have a description of it?

Colin from Poole.

From Jeff A. 16th Oct 2013
I came across your web page when I did a search for Aston Grays maternity home 23 Knole Road Bournemouth. I cannot add much to the information that you already have, but I was born there in 1946 And my Mother used to tell me that she was happy to be there for her confinement with me and the family GP would oversee the patients along with the resident midwives.

From Bill. 10th Sep 2012
Re: Aston Grays, Maternity Home, 23 Knole Road, Bournemouth. I was born there in 1963 and my brother in 1965. As far as I can ascertain, it was staffed my midwives at that time and the patient's own GP was called in to manage the birth.

From Stephanie V. 19th Oct 2012
Yes, it was a maternity home. I had my son and daughter there in 1967 and 1969. Eventually, it was pulled down and flats built, but I do not know if it was an elderly people's home or not.
It was lovely there, but of course in that day, we said goodbye to our husbands at the front door and did not see him until after the baby was born at visiting time.
The babies were taken from us and given to us just for feeding times. There was a matron in charge, but all in all, the care was good. We had to stay in for 10 days and everyday we had to have a sleep on our stomachs. It consisted of two buildings. One for administration and one for the maternity. Sad to see it go.

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