Andy Foot, Bournemouth, Dorset, England

Bournemouth, Dorset, England
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The Southbourne Shell House
Boscombe Royal Victoria Hospital
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Hi, I'm Andy Foot. I live, and have spent most of my 60 (ish) years in the Bournemouth area of Dorset, on the south coast of England.
I was born at the Grove Maternity Home, Barton On Sea, Hampshire. spending the majority of my early years in the Boscombe & Southbourne areas of Bournemouth although along the way during my school years we lived in Bideford, North Devon and also spent several years in Canada during the early 1970's. Some of this time was spent in Toronto, but most was in a small town called Port Hope which is on the shore of lake Ontario a small distance to the east of Toronto.

When time allows I enjoy all aspects of photography and delving into the fairly short but fascinating history of the Bournemouth area. I have seen many things disappear in my own lifetime so a lot of this website is aimed at clutching on to anything local that is worth hanging on to.

I hope you enjoy your visit and find something that interests you. I am always on the lookout for any stories, images etc of anything to do with remembering a lost piece of Bournemouth's history so please get in touch if you have anything I can use!
Bournemouth Pier
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