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Andy Foot
Family Historian
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Following a recent clearout the website is a little empty at the moment while I try to rearrange my stuff and see what I want to put back up here.

My main focus is family history. I have become our families "Family Historian" and over the last few decades I have amassed a ton of information. This however is split amongst most of the online family history sites and trying to find specific information involves a bit of work.

The "Family Tree" links you will see will take you to a sub section of this site where I am rebuilding my tree, one person at a time, hopefully adding all of the relevant information to each individual as I go. Thus slowly but surely building a large, accurate, and best version of the family tree.

Take a look at some of the stories I have published, I have many of these to add so it will be an ever growing collection of tales and histories from my own family tree.
Featured Stories
A Country Tragedy
Samuel Crumpler (my 4th Great Grandfather) suffered a most violent death in 1849 when his own bull literally ripped him apart in Underdaykers field, Lytchett Matravers, Dorset.
Historical Connections
Ever wondered if you could put famous historical figures into your family tree? Let me show you how I've managed to connect to:

Agatha Christie - Charles Darwin - David Bowie - Elvis Presley - Florence Nightingale - King Henry VIII - Sir Walter Raleigh - William Shakespeare - Winston Chuchill
ITV's DNA Journey
DNA Journey, an ITV program contacted me through to tell me I was a DNA match with a celebrity featuring in their new series this year (2022). They never told me who my relative was but with a couple of small clues the search began and eventually I discovered that the well known actor, author, comedian, and television presenter Joel Dommett is my 4th cousin.
My Own Family Research

I have built several online versions of my family tree spread across pretty much all of the popular genealogy websites. As I add to them they each become a little different to each other and shoot off in many different directions.

So I have decided to create a "portfolio" of ancestors which I am slowly adding to this site. Hopefully I can build something where you can follow my family history through links from one individual to another. It's a very slow process but should be worth the effort. We'll see how it goes but you can keep track of the growing number of people I have started work on by visiting my ancestors pages.

I have also uploaded a spreadsheet which makes a more comprehensive list here. This is just a list taken from one of my trees but there are lots of people listed here.
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